Kinekt Post Reviews

Crater Lake & the Rodriguez Bandito

So this was my fourth 'real' ride upon the Rodriguez Bandito. Ride one was a local group ride near Bellingham

American woman rides bike 147 mph, a new world record

Article courtesy of VeloNews. Images Courtesy of Project Speed. Sitting just inches behind a modified Land Rover SVR, Denise Mueller

I’ve been riding my Body Float [Kinekt Post] for almost 6 months on rough gravel roads on a rigid gravel bike. The isolation from the bumps and washboards allows me to pedal much smoother and spend much less time lifting off the seat. I also feel much less beat up at the end of long rides. I also recently started riding it on the road and am amazed at how much it helps descending speed and confidence on the pavement.


I am passionate about your product as it’s been an amazing experience and often inspires me to experiment with my CycloCross Bike in areas I would never have sought to see how the post works. It’s worth every cent and more. For my weight and level of condition (drastically improved since August 2014) I’m comfortably doing 100km plus rides with energy to burn.


I have been riding my BODYFLOAT [Kinekt Post] for one year now and will never ride a road or gravel bike again without one. The product connects me to the road in a manner that increases my confidence, especially on descents. Rather (than) bouncing at speed over bumps and divots, the BODYFLOAT [Kinekt Post] keeps my rear wheel glued to the ground.
In group rides, I used to finish last on the descents. Now I finish first or second – and without fear. The BODYFLOAT [Kinekt Post] also gives me an endurance edge on long distance training rides and races. Less of my energy is used lifting my body off the saddle (for rail crossing tracks and small holes) and more of my energy is transferred through the crank to the wheels and into the ground.
I love your product! Thank you for bringing it to the marketplace.

Mark R.

One word: WOW! a short ride today with the Bodyfloat [Kinekt Post], not fully dialed in, and all I can say is it was worth the wait. … I have had great help from the guys at cirrus, and they delivered a great product.

Mitch C.

What I liked most about the seat post is how much it improved my ride over washboard. I typically stand a lot when I ride— both because I like this position and because rough roads force me out of the saddle. Nick and I built up my bike to encourage me to spend more time sitting and pedaling. The Kinekt Post was key for this. I felt like no matter how rough or washboarded the roads were (and they were extremely rough) I could sit and pedal through them. It’s not that a didn’t feel the bumps, it’s more that the seat post took the edge off and I could keep my seated position and cadence. In turn, this increased my average speed over rough terrain and helped me ride more miles in the day.