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  • Goodbye Rough.
    Hello Smooth.
  • Experience Comfort in Motion.
    Seatposts with Better Control and Less Fatigue.
  • Confidence for Any
    Type of Rider.
    No matter Where You Ride, These Seatposts Prevent Bouncing in the Saddle.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Even though many of us have put our bikes away for the winter, now is the time to give yourself the Ultimate Upgrade ™️ gift. Let that special person enjoy more comfort per mile and less road vibration and reduce discomfort and ride longer and safe with each mile. We even offer our 30-Day Comfort Guarantee! The perfect gift for your favorite cyclist.

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The Ultimate Upgrade

Feel the difference as the patented Active Suspension System™ constantly adjusts to any terrain.

Enjoy Your Ride

From E-biking and Commuting to Receational and Tandem, We Strive to Make All Rides Enjoyable.

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    30 Day Comfort Guarantee

    This Kinekt seatpost significantly reduces annoying bumps and road vibrations to help improve the impact on your body over the duration of your ride.

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    Quick and Easy Setup

    1. Insert Kinekt Seatpost to bike, then attach your saddle.

    2. Adjust spring to preferred comfort level.

    3. Enjoy your ride!

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Installation was a breeze as well as fine tuning. I'm back biking again and the difference between the old way of riding without the Kinekt and now is night and day. It was worth every penny and I highly recommend Kinekt to anyone, not only those with back problems but for anyone seeking greater comfort while biking.
Harvey Stone, E-Biker from Bellingham, WA