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Introducing the new KINEKT XL2 Seatpost! Available in Aluminum or Carbon Fiber - now riders up to 320 pounds, can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable bike ride. Shop now to get your KINEKT XL2.
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    KINEKT Seatposts create an improved connection between your body, your bike, and the surfaces you ride on, leading to more enjoyment on any bike!
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I’ve been riding my KINEKT Seatpost for almost 6 months on rough gravel roads, on a rigid gravel bike. The isolation from the bumps and washboards allows me to pedal much smoother and spend much less time lifting off the seat. I feel less beat up at the end of long rides. I also recently started riding it on the road and am amazed at how much it helps descending speed and confidence on the pavement.


I am passionate about your product as it’s been an amazing experience and often inspires me to experiment with my CycloCross Bike in areas I would never have sought to see. It’s worth every cent and more. For my weight and level of condition...I’m comfortably doing 100km plus rides with energy to burn.


It's like riding on a magic carpet. It feels like you're floating. I purchased the KIENKT in hopes that it might overcome some serious spinal problems that made riding over even the smallest of bumps impossible to the point of having to stop cycling altogether. If you have a back issue and you're searching for a way to get back on your bike - this is it. I wasn't disappointed and you won't be either. It's brilliant.


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