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Cera Reusser

Port Ludlow, WA

Retired, biking and my labradors are keeping me busy. My labor of love is I run a small grassroots non-profit that helps to raise K9 cancer awareness along with funding K9 cancer studies called Chase Away K9 Cancer. I'm either competing with my labradors in dock diving or I'm out putting miles on one of my many bikes. Our two labradors love to join us on our biking adventures riding along in their little trailer. We have two ebikes with the Kinekt seat posts and stems and they have made a world of difference of how long my husband and I can both ride, I racked up over 2,000 miles in 2020 and am looking forward to doing more this year. The Kinekt seat post made such a difference in our confidence while riding, not saying I'm old but I'm not a kid anymore and with the seat post taking the jolts of the road and not my back has made it so we actually both feel like kids again.

Mike Schreck

Ronald, WA

If I can't ski, let's bike! From the early days of my gravel biking and epic bike touring/bikepacking, Kinekt allows me to stay seated over ruts, gravel, whatever. I'm often on the bike seat for 8, 10 or more hours for up to 90 days in a row on gnarly terrain. Kinekt is the lightest way to have a full suspension gravel and bikepacking bike! All three of my Gravel racing & bikepacking bikes are fitted with both a Kinekt seatpost and barstem.

Corey Hilliard


Originally from Philadelphia and now living in Brooklyn, I was named the 2015 fixed gear cyclocross world champion. I enjoy competing in gravel and off-road races of any distance with a fixed gear bike. Ultra endurance events are also a favorite challenge. My biggest annual ambition is to continue to raise money for youth activities at my local YMCA and other cycling related nonprofits in Brooklyn.


Denver, CO

I love exploring the world by bike, especially if it's a tandem. I have ridden captain (front) of a tandem for over a decade with people with disabilities, and nothing can match the experience of teamwork and discovery together. I also really enjoy riding stoker (back) of the tandem with my husband on roads, dirt, and mountains wherever we can find them. Flexibility for the stoker rider makes everyone's ride more fun, and I'm excited to partner with Kinekt.

Matt Bradbury

Niagara Region, Ontario

I love daily adventures by bike, even just 10km rolls to start my day reflectively. Cycling has been my sport and hobby since my teens and has enriched our family’s lifestyle – including a short time in Nepal. Helping people of all ages and abilities enjoy cycling while building strong community bonds makes me tick. I race cyclocross for giggles, tour peacefully, and savor challenging terrain as often as I can. You’ll find me on Strava and participating in awareness/charity rides to bring people together. If ever in the Niagara Region of Ontario, come for a latte and a great gravel ride, even pitch a tent on our hobby farm when touring through.

Kyle Erbeck


My favorite time to ride is at 35 below on a remote dog sled trail as the northern lights shine above. I currently live in the interior of Alaska. I ride my fat bike during the long cold winters and gravel bike on in the very short hot summer. I love taking photos of the ever-changing landscape along the way!

Jake Yaeger

I’m a public education educator who’s been riding bikes since I was a little kid. I always found it to be my favorite type of transportation; through cities, wilderness, and back roads you get to experience the world at a different pace and not miss out on the little things. I usually ride road or gravel but I dable in triathlons and occasionally some MTB single track too!

Lisa Mormann

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I'm always looking fort my next cycling challenge. I always had a interest in cycling since a child my parent had a hard time keeping me off the road with my little plastic bike. I developed health issues in my early 20's to when my neurologist suggested cycling to me to maintain my strength with my Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy (HMSN). I went from my Dr's appointment at the University of Iowa right to my local bike shop an purchased my first bike. Now 23 years later I ride road, fat and gravel bikes. I enjoy traveling all over the Midwest riding including 23 years of RAGBRAI, 3 trips to Dirty Kanza, 3 trips to Gravel Worlds and 2 trips to Iowa Gravel Classic, 4 trips to Sterile Iowan where completely my only Ultra ride at 150 miles. Then the most crazy ride I completed was the day after I bought my fat bike I decided to do Triple D winter 100 km off-road ride.

With my health that's what got me intreated in Kinekt products 2 years ago. My seat post have drastically cut down on my back and shoulder discomfortwhile gravel riding. #hellosmooth

Locally I have got the first road bike route approved in our county and started our first Tuesday night gravel group.

Ryan Simmons

Hi! I'm Ryan Simmons. I was extremely overweight until I was 32 years old and because of that, I always envied my friends and their athletic, outdoor lifestyles. So, after losing 100lbs in less than a year I bought a bike and started pedalling! Now there's little I love more than a tough, endurance bike ride, especially around my home province of Alberta, Canada. In my first summer cycling I rode through Kananaskis country, the Badlands of Drumheller and I capped it off with 100km along the Trans Canada Trail in a single day. I got a fat bike so I can continue biking all winter long and next summer I'm going to try some bikepacking! I love to share my weight loss and cycling journeys on Instagram, so please follow along @RyanLosesIt on Instagram! I'd be pumped to have you.


We are currently accepting applications for our first Kinekt Ambassador Program.

As a Kinekt ambassador, we will support you in your everyday riding adventures in return for your enthusiasm, original content and feedback.

Our Kinekt products were created to deliver a smoother, more comfortable ride through isolating the rider from the bouncy surface below.

Unlike any other products on the market, KINEKT seatposts provide near 100 percent friction-free vertical travel, a reduction in high frequency vibrations, and easily adjustable tuning to suit every rider's individual needs. This makes the seatpost a very user-friendly upgrade to road bikes, e-bikes, gravel and cyclocross bikes and even tandems.

As such, all types of riders are welcome to apply, whether you are an e-bike rider, gravel adventurer, road warrior, daily bike commuter and any combination thereof.

Who You Are:

  • You are an avid rider, who gets great joy from being outside on two wheels.
  • You know the difference a suspension stem or seatpost can make to the comfort, performance and/or enjoyment of your ride.
  • Your passion for bikes can be felt through your social media presence, or in the community.
  • You are a key member of your local cycling community.
  • You're not currently sponsored by a Kinekt competitor.
  • You have riding goals and our Kinekt products could help you reach those goals.

What We Offer:

  • Free Kinekt products!
  • Year-round access to additional product via influencer discount program
  • Kinekt logoed swag
  • Opportunity to make a commision on products sold through your channel via the Kinekt Affiliate Commerce program.
  • Global exposure on the Kinekt website and social media.
  • You have riding goals and our Kinekt products could help you reach those goals.

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