KINEKT is perfect for any bike, no matter what’s in your fleet.

Our Secret

KINEKT Seatposts allow you to stay in the saddle over more terrain, maintaining a more consistent connection to your bike while isolating you from bumps and vibrations. Your body, bike, and surface create a linked system of moving parts. Excess movement throughout this system causes discomfort at delicate points of contact between rider and bike - you know what we’re talking about!

Simply Tunable

Simple spring swaps and tunable pre-load allow for micro adjustments that work for you. By customizing your KINEKT, you’ll open the door to a whole new experience. Quick pre-load adjustments allow you to change your ride experience on the fly based on the terrain you encounter or the bike you’re riding.

Body Isolation

Effectively isolate your body from surface bumps and vibrations to improve comfort, control, and traction. You’ll feel less fatigued from the decrease in bounce, which will allow you to have longer, more enjoyable rides. If you’re not having more fun, something’s wrong!

Vertical Compliance

Minimal, adjustable vertical travel allows for isolation of initial bike and body movement over any surface, improving comfort, control, and confidence. The KINEKT Seatpost allows for vertical compliance to occur, which creates better traction for a more solid connection between the rider, bike, and any surface.


Watch our quick video to learn more about the benefits and features of the KINEKT Seatpost.

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