About Us

Company Story

The BodyFloat/KINEKT Seatpost was born out of necessity by co-founder Paul Barkley after serving in the Peace Corps on the rough roads of Uganda. While bicycle evolution was clearly not the mission of his return trip to Africa, he found it essential to improve his endurance in the saddle while traveling extended distances on two wheels. As an excellent bike mechanic, former frame designer, fabricator and bike shop owner he invented the first version of the Isolation Seatpost. This design became the basis of the current KINEKT Seatpost; a technically advanced isolation system that dramatically improves the comfort and performance of any bike and any rider. At the end of summer 2011, Barkley and Charlie Heggem, former bike educator and pro racer, formed Cirrus Cycles to bring the KINEKT Seatpost to market.

The Team

Paul Barkley: Inventor/Co-founder/Advisor

Paul has more than 25 years of bike industry experience as shop owner, bike designer, frame builder and financial consultant. Paul has a passion for bicycle innovation and has been riding, racing, building and loving bikes since he founded Kulshan Cycles in Bellingham, WA in the 70’s.

David Calapp: CEO

David is a former CEO of both public and private companies, with strong operations and management skills. He’s been integral to multiple billion dollar start-ups. His career experience includes senior executive positions with K2 Corp, Connelly Water Skis, O’Brien International, Morrow/Westbeach International, and Prince/Benetton Sportsystem. David has led the successful development and launch of over 50 sporting goods products. He’s educated with a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering and a MBA.

Charlie Heggem: Co-founder / Technical / Sales

Charlie began competitive cycling in the late 80’s and eventually turned pro in the mid-90’s as a world cup level rider. Always with a saddle under him, Heggem has shared his passion for cycling with thousands of participants through a diverse resume of events, including: The Vietnam Challenge, Face of America, Riding Through History, BC Bike Race, and USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Heggem brings a breadth of unique experiences and diverse resources to the company.

Chris Hawson: Operations Manager

Chris ran a bicycle tour company in Scotland for 10 years before moving to NYC where he was a buyer at Paragon Sports and maintained a vicarious enjoyment of the outdoors through helping to outfit others for their adventures. Chris became an integral part of the Cirrus team in 2016.


  • Address: 611 Kentucky St, Suite A; Bellingham, WA 98225
  • Phone: 360.392.8302
  • Hours: 9am-5pm PST
  • E-mail: info@cirruscycles.com