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Company Story

The BodyFloat/KINEKT Seatpost was born out of necessity by co-founder Paul Barkley after serving in the Peace Corps on the rough roads of Uganda. While bicycle evolution was clearly not the mission of his return trip to Africa, he found it essential to improve his endurance in the saddle while traveling extended distances on two wheels. As an excellent bike mechanic, former frame designer, fabricator and bike shop owner he invented the first version of the Isolation Seatpost. This design became the basis of the current KINEKT Seatpost; a technically advanced isolation system that dramatically improves the comfort and performance of any bike and any rider. At the end of summer 2011, Barkley and Charlie Heggem, former bike educator and pro racer, formed Cirrus Cycles to bring the KINEKT Seatpost to market.


  • Address: 3926 Irongate, Unit D, Bellingham, WA 98226
  • Phone: 360.392.8302
  • Hours: 9am-5pm PST
  • E-mail: info@cirruscycles.com