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Renaissance Cyclist is a partner duo comprised of Cameron Sanders and Leialoha Sousa-Sommo. Based out of Anchorage, Alaska, this bikepacking duo plans epic adventures throughout Alaska and beyond. Based on their blog and Instagram accounts, at first glance you're either insanely jealous of them or think they're totally crazy. Either way, they live life to the fullest and don't take a single moment for granted. 

Cameron hails from Small-town Midwest. Soon after high school he escaped to pursue bigger adventures. Having never grown up with a bike, but a huge sense of adventure, bikepacking slowly evolved as a vehicle for exploration. Cameron used his bike, equipped with enough food and water for a week's journey to get from one rock climbing location to the next in the vast Alaskan wilderness. Eventually he found his calling with the National Forest Service and picked up more tricks of the trade. You can read his full account of his journey here to paint a greater picture of how adventurous he really is. 

Lei is probably one of the toughest women ever created. Having dreamt of Alaska for years, she finally made the move in 2013 with nothing more than what could fit in her car. She worked long hours while enjoying the long Alaskan summer nights by bike and her craving for adventure grew. With ambition in one hand and a passion for cycling in the other, Lei set out to explore the world. Then in 2017, life was forever altered when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After fighting for her life and overcoming an insanely heroic journey, Lei beat cancer- with a beaming smile and positive attitude. The victory was short lived when she then torn her ACL, requiring surgery in the early part of 2018. Not one to be knocked down for long, as of May, Lei is back on her bike making up for lost time. Read her incredible essay here

Cameron and Lei are currently planning a massively large bikepacking trek from Alaska to Patagonia in May 2019. If anyone can (and will) do this Trans-American trek it is them. Read all about the adventures of Renaissance Cyclist and follow them on Instagram @renaissance.cyclist.