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On the afternoon of September 16, Denise Mueller-Korenek did what no other human being has ever done. Nestled in the draft of a dragster race car, Mueller-Korenek pushed her body, bike, and speed limits to 183.9 blistering miles per hour. Yes. On a bike. 

Since retiring as a professional cyclist with a lengthy list of palmares, Denise has been busy with a successful career and family. Like many adrenaline fueled competitive athlete. the love for speed never faded. Several years ago a friend suggested she attempt the speed record for the first time. She successfully broke the record for the fastest woman on a bike, but that wasn't enough. She didn't want to be the fastest woman; she wanted to be the fastest human- man or woman. 

Not satisfied with a mere 147mph she achieved in 2016, Determined to set records once again, Denise dedicated herself to training for her next, bigger goal. 2018 was set to be the year... and it was! 


Cirrus Cycles happily sponsored the Project Speed team again on their second attempt. At such a high speed, it was critical Denise's rig be stable, strong, and be able to absorb the smallest vibrations. KINEKT was crucial smoothing her ride so she could be as efficient and effective with every pedal strong. It was with this on her custom KHS bike that Denise set out for her new world record attempt. 

With professional race car driver, Shea Holbrook at the helm, the female duo set off. With a couple days of practice runs behind them, they were ready to give it their all. Give it, they did with Denise hitting a max speed of 183.9 mph while tucked in the fairing of the dragster. 

There's no saying what she'll do next, but for now, we'll settle with a huge CONGRATS to Denise and her entire team.