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I had thought when I first got the BodyFloat/KINEKT I would only use it when riding off-road on gravel or dirt and save weight and put my light stiff post for road riding, but I like the Bodyfloat so much in all conditions that I have left it on permanently.


It's like riding on a magic carpet. That's the only way I can describe it. Seriously, it feels like you're just floating. I purchased the KIENKT in hopes that it might overcome some serious spinal problems that made riding over even the smallest of bumps, cracks and even the minor concrete slab divisions on bike paths impossible to the point where I had to stop cycling altogether. If you have a back issue (that's impact related) and you're searching for a way to get back on or stay on your bike this is it. I wasn't disappointed and you won't be either. It's brilliant.


I need to do to procure a second KINEKT post! This time, a carbon version for my road bike. I was out on my road bike yesterday, didn't swap over the KINEKT and really missed the smooth ride on the chip-sealed backroads (of which there are more than a few in my area).


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